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Until recently, such a view, you can still find in almost every room youth in Poland. Great wall unit dealing with the whole room, with built-in desk, and often to półkotapczanem. The fact that it was a very practical piece of furniture because it saves space allowed already in tight spaces and narrow flats in blocks of concrete slabs beloved 70s ... Times change, change the furniture, the decor is changing, and it's like changing! I think the changes are going in the right direction. The fact that housing area does not change much, because who can afford an apartment 70 meters ... The biggest change that has taken place, the change in the minds of designers. Also in furniture for children and youth. The key is to play in the interior lights. Most are for wall and ceiling lamps, LED strips and spotlights. It is worth remembering highlighted the place where I find a TV, watch with the lights off is unhealthy, negative effect on eyesight. Progress and constantly changing fashion will still impose new trends in the furniture industry. Certainly furniture become better adapted to the needs and expectations of the user. Over the years, how to perform the furniture has changed. Significant changes occurred not only in the production process, which makes it easier to obtain complex shapes but also in the same style and design furniture. Is becoming increasingly prevalent in projects kitchen open to living room. Both rooms are not much different in decor, it's important that the decor was consistent and uniform manner. Open living room to the kitchen is preferred by people who adore and invite guests to dine with them. Today, in the parlor arrangements emphasis on minimalism and functionalism. Modern project involves land-use planning and focuses on simplicity. This arrangement involves using cold shades of color on large surfaces. Fashionable this season is white, beige and different colors of gray. For additives may be the most intense colors, since they give the interior a unique character. Leather sofa is a classic that permanently debuted in offers furniture manufacturers. This sofa will always give the room a tasteful and elegant character. Its high price put you off, because the quality of the furniture is worth it. Colored furniture contrasted with concrete, glass, metal is the most desirable. However, keep in mind that you do not overdo it with accessories, as modern living can not resemble the gift shop. Currently, the furniture industry has developed. In a surprising pace formed new furniture factories, many of them creates wooden furniture today, and are pioneers in the field of new technologies. Modern CNC machines combined with an extraordinary craftsmanship which is carpentry allow you to create incredible masterpieces that are durable, stylish and captivate their appearance. More often meets many small businesses, single or double, which produce furniture. In these small companies, each piece of furniture, every wooden chest of drawers is made with great precision and accuracy. There is no question of mass production of furniture and plywood boards low quality, which after a few months to odparzają and give only the plot or to the basement. Pine furniture is very durable, and if they are made to order, it certainly will be an incredible addition to any home. With the development of mankind there has also been a tremendous growth in the furniture industry. Began to be more and more attention given to the material they are made furniture, willingly chosen a good quality wood. Different shapes, colors and decorations made the big break, and people are looking for new ideas to develop this area. Over time, technological advances allowed the opening of factories producing furniture on an international scale. The furniture was produced in series. Standard and typical cabinets, wall units, sofas and couches were produced at a rapid pace. In Poland in the late sixties and seventies of the last century were popular high-gloss lacquered furniture made of chipboard. Joined with glue and screws, are very durable. In those years, such furniture is a hit, which became the object of dreams most of his countrymen. The first furniture done by hand using Hebel and trained hands of a carpenter and a very good spatial imagination allowed to create true works of art. The first furniture that were produced primarily be practical, and later also started to apply these to the appropriate finish that was supposed to be beautiful and elegant. A good carpenter with a decent piece of wood he could conjure up amazing cabinets, tables and chairs. All done with great precision and accuracy by one man. It was remarkable that every unique piece of furniture was not created two same tables and cabinets.